2021 Impact Report

We're proud of all we've accomplished recently, from achieving Climate Neutral Certification to donating 1.7 million meals to kids in need.

The Mission: Empower Health Ownership

Our mission is to empower people to take ownership of their health. It’s a move that inspires a healthier, happier, more spectacular life journey. Because when we’re the best version of ourselves, we’re better able to live a purpose-driven life—and more fully invest in our relationships and communities. Last year, our commitment to empowering lives led to an over 200% increase in new members of the health ownership movement!

Our flagship foundational nutrition drink, Sureganic, continues to deliver the highest quality ingredients in a simple, synergistic way that gives our members convenient access to foundational nutrition. We’re committed to innovating Sureganic to better serve our members’ health ownership journey.

Nutrition is a Human Right

We believe that nutrition is a human right. That’s why with every order of Sureganic, we donate to organizations that deliver meals to children in need.

In 2021, Sureganic’s support helped get nearly two million meals to kids in need through our valued partners No Kid Hungry, Da Alegria, Mary’s Meals, and Urban Light.

Meet Our Partners

No Kid Hungry is dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the US. We helped provide over 700,000 meals in 2021.

Da Alegria supports foundations dedicated to improving the quality of life of Colombian children. In 2021, Sureganic helped provide over 600,000 meals.

Urban Light provides emergency services and support to boys in Thailand who are victims of trafficking. Last year, Sureganic helped provide over 15,000 meals.

Mary’s Meals links education and nutrition by offering a meal every school day to some of the world’s poorest children. Sureganic helped provide over 400,000 meals last year.

1.7 million meals offered to kids in need

Sustainable Growth

Environmental sustainability connects our own health and wellness to that of the planet’s and is inexorably tied to our mission. In practicing sustainable growth, we look to improve across three key areas:

1 .Carbon Footprint

2. Sustainable MaterialsSetting the 3. Standard for Suppliers

We believe that every company should take ownership and responsibility for their carbon footprint as a part of doing business. Through the great work of our team, we received our Climate Neutral Certification last year and are offsetting our full 2020 emissions

We made important improvements to our packaging materials, including an 11% reduction in plastic and an increase to 66% recyclability of all our products. We also removed the outer plastic coating on our Welcome Box (making it fully recyclable) and utilized FSC-certified paper and recycled content.

To ensure that these practices are upheld by our suppliers and vendors, we’ve introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct. This valuable document addresses our commitments to labor and human rights, non-discrimination, environmental regulations, traceability, and workplace health and safety.

66% recyclability across all products

People First

Sureganic Nutrition’ phenomenal growth wouldn’t be possible without our amazing team, which we honor by creating an environment where they feel valued, respected, and empowered. In 2021, we brought on 84 new full-time global employees to further drive the impact we want to have on the world.

Remote Life
We're proud to have created a fully remote team at Sureganic. With over a decade of experience in this model, we’ll keep allowing team members to work from wherever they feel they can lead a fulfilling life and serve their desired communities.

Unlimited PTO
We believe that if you need time you should take time, and we encourage our team members to use their PTO frequently. Downtime, mental health days, and vacations help keep minds sharp and prevent burnout during high-growth periods.

16 Weeks Paid Parental Leave
We love watching our Sureganic team grow their families and are proud to support this critical bonding time between new parents and their babies.

84 full-time employees added

This is just Year One of our annual Impact Report, and we know there’s a lot of work to do in 2022. We’ll share more throughout the year, and we’d love to hear from you. After all, you’re the reason we’re here.

Send your feedback and comments to: impact@sureganic.com