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Stay Zen

Stay Zen

Physical & Mental Relaxation Support

(1357 reviews)

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed out, or just need some zen in your life? We got you. Stay Zen® is a soothing, balancing elixir that helps reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind and body, and promote an overall sense of inner zen.


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Support for feelings of stress and worry

The unique combination of highly bioavailable magnesium, L-theanine, Ashwagandha, & Rhodiola provides calming support for relaxation and serenity by supporting a healthy balance of stress hormones (such as cortisol), neurochemicals (including GABA, serotonin, and BDNF), parasympathetic nervous system activity, and essential minerals (magnesium-calcium balance).

Support restful sleep

Each serving of Stay Zen®️ features highly bioavailable magnesium (350mg) - L-theanine (200mg) - Ashwagandha (200mg) & Rhodiola (25mg) to provide support to promote a calm mind and body. You can use Stay Zen®️ near bedtime to support soothing, restful sleep, or you can use it on high-stress days to provide support that promotes a productive combination of focus and serenity.

Support healthy magnesium levels and mineral balance

Studies estimate that 75% of people don’t get enough magnesium, which can lead to feeling stressed out, worried, and poor-quality sleep from time to time. With 350mg of highly-bioavailable, gut-friendly magnesium, Stay Zen®️ supports healthy magnesium levels—and all the health benefits that come with!

Naturally honest, easy-to-use stick packs

Each naturally flavored serving of Stay Zen®️ is individually packaged in convenient, portable, easy-to-use sachet packs; it provides nutritional support for the mind and body with an enjoyable raspberry lemonade flavored effervescent powder, which mixes quickly and easily with water. Stay Zen®️ is vegan and non-GMO, and it is free of sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors; Paleo- and Keto-friendly

  • Get daily support for mind, body & mood with a science-backed dose of highly absorbable magnesium, ashwagandha & l-theanine. 
  • Flavor: Raspberry Lemonade.
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Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

When is the best time to take stay zen?

Use it first thing in the morning to curb cravings and alleviate morning anxiousness... use it during the day to fight stress... and/or use it a few hours before bed to prepare your body and mind for a restful night of sleep.

How often should I take stay zen?

For optimal results stay zen is recommended daily.

Do your products contain dairy, sugar, nuts, and/or soy?

Our products do not contain sugar, nuts or soy.

Can you drink it hot?

Yes, you can definitely drink it hot! How you serve it--hot or cold--is totally up to your taste.

Do I need to take stay zen with food?

Nope, but some people prefer to drink stay zen with food for convenience.

How long does shipping take?

Orders may take 1-3 business days for processing before being shipped. All orders are shipped standard and will typically take 3-7 business days to be delivered.

Where does Sureganic manufacture?

Stay Zen is poudly manufactured in a cGMP compliant, FDA-registered facility here in the United States using globally sourced and tested ingredients.

5 Star Rating

19 Reviews

Adriana C. Verified Buyer

I can’t recommend stay zen enough! I had trouble falling and staying asleep, and this product has allowed me to get the best sleep. Highly recommend!

Jyoti P. Verified Buyer

I’m on my second box of stay zen and I love the fizzy raspberry flavor! I had been using other magnesium brands previously, but I like that stay zen has premium sources of magnesium.

Frank Z. Verified Buyer

I could feel the difference drinking this product. The flavor is delicious and the zen feeling I got and mental clarity were amazing. I felt great supplementing with this every couple days. Got deeper sleep and a sharper mind.

Evelyn B. Verified Buyer

love stay zen, I could tell I was really deficient in magnesium when I started drinking it because I would feel the “zen relaxation” big time.. I love it and has become a part of my nightly routine.

Dwayne S. Verified Buyer

I’ve noticed a rather drastic difference in my sleep after using stay zen. I love the raspberry lemonaide flavor and it's become my nightly routine. Not only do I feel a difference but I can quantify it with my sleep tracking. I fall asleep faster and spend more time in REM sleep after taking it. Thanks for a great product!

Mike F. Verified Buyer

stay zen has been a great product it’s helped me like nothing before. I feel great energetic and sleep like a champ thank you.

Natasha R. Verified Buyer

My therapist recommended stay zen to me. Starting the first night of taking it I was sleeping noticeably more sound. I love the taste of the raspberry lemonaid, it’s subtle and I look forward to drinking it every evening. It’s a must try, you’ll be hooked.

Kyle V. Verified Buyer

Hellooo stay zen, This stuff is truly amazing. I have never felt so good. My recovery from the gym seems faster and it’s really helping me manage my stress levels at night so that I can go to sleep instead having my mind racing at night.

Tiffany L. Verified Buyer

Hands down when I need to unwind stay zen comes first.

Frances M. Verified Buyer

I can not imagine not using this magnesium supplement! I have historically been terrible sleeper and struggle with anxiety and this supplement has help to clam my anxiety and improve my sleep.

Leslie P. Verified Buyer

Feel like I’m getting the best of the best in magnesium supplements- it is really helping with my brain function, but best of all, I feel that I’m starting my days in the best way by feeding my body and mind with a top quality product!

Tim L. Verified Buyer

Love so much, This is the best magnesium I have found! Can’t go without it!

Linda C. Verified Buyer

Hands down, the stay zen is one of my favorite parts of the day. Crawling into bed with a glass cup sets the perfect tone for a lovely night of sleep. Well done sureganic, this one is truly fantastic!

Adam H. Verified Buyer

I was using a very popular magnesium drink… after finding out that stay zen has two sources of premium forms of magnesium I gave it a try. I love the flavor and how I feel after drinking it.

Rick A. Verified Buyer

Such a great wind down aid… The thing with this magnesium is you will sleep better, then you’ll wonder if it’s really the magnesium. One night without it will confirm it for you….yes, it is the magnesium. This is exactly what i needed to de stress and improve upon my sleep routine.

Steven B. Verified Buyer

There are many things that I do as part of my daily routine, but I don't always look forward to them. Taking my stay zen daily is one of the things that I enjoy every day.

Maria G. Verified Buyer

I’ve had muscle tension issues for years and have tried all the "right" things: yoga, deep breathing, healthy food choices, ergonomic seating, you name it. But my back, shoulders and neck still stiffen up within a week of a massage. I wanted a magnesium supplement that had a variety of types. After a few days of use, I didn’t feel as stiff… will definitely be ordering more.

Rose K. Verified Buyer

I hate taking vitamin pills so I love that I can mix my magnesium with water! And it tastes great!

Danni S. Verified Buyer

I love the individual packets for travel. I sleep well and my body is happy! I love the fizzy raspberry taste.